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  • Slot
    Resistance Thermometers

    Stator Resistance Thermometers
  • Bearing Temperature Detectors

    Bearing Temperature Detectors
  • Wire wound RTD elements

    Wire wound RTD elements

Welcome to Techno Controls

Techno Controls is a group of Instrumentation engineer, engaged in manufacturing of temperature sensors and MI cables since
last 8 years, TECHNO has gained reputation as RTD sensor manufacturers by innovative spirit and extensive R&D. Emphasis is placed on research and new developments to achieve innovative customer solution. It is the standard of dedication that has nurtured the growth.

Stator Resistance Sensors

Slot Resistance Thermometers

  • Slim dimensions to get inserted in between winding

  • Bifilliar design that prevents induction voltage resulting in measurements erros

  • Withstand of VPI(Vacumm Pressure Impregnation) Process

  • High Dielectric Strength

Bearing Temperature Sensors

Bearing Temperature Detectors

  • BTDs with bayonet

  • BTDs with extension cables.

  • BTDs with terminal heads

  • Specially designed BTDs

ATEX, IECEx & CSA Approved

The Stator winding temperature detector (RTD) are used to measure winding temperature of large Motors, Generators etc.
These motor temperature sensors are sandwiched between the windings of Motors/Generators. Unlike on/off devices, It allows continuous measurement of winding temperature. The NEMA recognizes this kind of sensor as a standard protection for motor and generator Insulation.
Normally, these RTDs are of wirewound and sensing element extends throughout the length of the detector.

ATEX & IECEx Approved Sensors