Bearing Temperature Detectors

Bearing Temperature Detectors

Product Overview

BTDs are Bearing Temperature Detectors. They are also called Bearing Temperature Sensors.

Bearing temperature detectors are installed in stationary bearing casing and monitors bearing temperature.

Bearing temperature is an important parameter of heavy rotary machines and it indicates bearing health in rotating equipment.

Rise in bearing temperature suggest possibilities of problem in oil film or alignment of shafting.

BTDs give early detection of bearing problems and it prevents further damage of machine.

The measuring elements are located in proximity of tip in order to measure correct reading.


BTDs are just like normal temperature sensors, however they are designed to work in applications where fast response and vibration immunity is required,

They are often used in spring loaded design for firm contact and vibration immunity.

Because of relatively low temperature range, RTDs are used as measuring element in BTDs, However in certain application various kind of thermocouples are also used

Techno offers various designs of BTDs that suits customer requirement.

Techno offers various elements like Pt100, PT1000, Pt50, Ni 1000 etc.

Techno also offers various kinds of thermocouples.

This sensors are specially designed to suit this application.

Just like other temperature sensors they are custom made according to the requirement.

Almost all designs are available in single element or dual element.

In case of RTD element, we offer 2/3/4 wire per element, as per customer requirement.

There are certain standard designs which are used for this kind of applications.

  • BTDs with bayonet

  • BTDs with extension cables.

  • BTDs with terminal heads

  • Specially designed BTDs

There are certain standard designs which are used for this kind of applications.

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